Prestige Deep Winter Jacket 2021
Deep Winter
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Thermal Club 2021
Forget about the cold
This is our best protective solution for your winter rides. Wear it on very cold or bad weather days, when the temperature drops dramatically.
Our most advanced technical garment for the harshest weather.
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Prestige Deep Winter Jacket
This jacket
will surprise you!
The flat structure prevents the bulky feeling, the extra-large pockets are perfect to store your extras, and the multi-layer construction offers such an extraordinary thermal protection to let you wear just a thermal base layer underneath.

As easy as smart!
Prestige Deep Winter Jacket 2021
Main Fabric
It works like an armour: the external three-layered membrane is waterproof, windproof and breathable.
The inner layer has a flat squared pattern design, providing low volume and the same thermal efficiency of a thicker jacket.
The internal thermal bodice is made with soft and warm brushed fabric, ending with a protective neck warmer.
Strategic use of panels with different level of thicknesses allow maximum body temperature regulation during rides.
Prestige Deep Winter Jacket
Suitable for training, or to tackle the hardest climbs!
The jacket has a pro-cut fit, to be aerodynamic and to follow perfectly the road-bike position.
Prestige Deep Winter Jacket
The double neck with inner close-cut ergonomic collar provides an extra protection over ears and mouth and assure that no cold weather sneaks inside the jacket.
Prestige Deep Winter Jacket
Two wide and handy back pockets and an extra waterproof lateral zipped compartment helps you carrying around your essentials.
The reflective details and a large high-vis panel on the back will keep you visible even in the darkest hours.
Prestige Deep Winter Jacket 2021
The cuff has a double construction: the external windproof/waterproof membrane is paired with an internal clean-finished wrist gaiter, to keep your hands warm and simplify the use of gloves.
Thermal Club 2021
The possibility to open the external layer keeping anyway a bodice as first layer of protection helps you to keep warmth and respond to exertion and motion, adapting the temperature to your needs.

During easy rides, just keep it closed; as effort ramps up, open the jacket for an extra ventilation, maintaining a comfortable and dry microclimate.
Prestige Deep Winter Jacket 2021
Don’t let the weather decide for you
Winter is the most difficult season to ride but it’s also the most satisfying!
To keep you warm and dry during the rides we have developed a new technical premium Jacket that provides you the best cycling experience ever - you will get the most from this season. Just wear it, you will never come back!
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Deep Winter Jacket
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